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Alternative Title: Governor is Sick

Author: Yang Su

Translator: Xueling

Edits: Mantou & Asaki

The world did not expect that the king of the Shishan (Corpse Mountain), the leader and the prodigal son, Xiahou Lian, were reduced to the lowest rank in East-City with a monthly salary of two taels silver, which could not even afford the rent.

As the martial-art world well-known rebel, Xiahou Lian, the most wanted rebel in Dongchang*, did not expect the delicate and fragile young master he met when he was a child had succeeded in becoming Dongchang’s Governor. He turned out to be a hottie too! As for the Governor, there was a beam of white moonlight* in his heart, which had been converted for a long time, but couldn’t have it.

“I’ll become a ghost for you, and you’ll become a Buddha for me.” A promise that spun their forbidden love…

1. Arrogant Governor seme X The badass Assassin uke

2. 1v1, both powerful(?), rich in plot

3. No family conflicts(?)

4. The Governor has a BIG **whistle ** (sexual hint) and it’s very big.

5. Not both seme

6. Happy Ending! Important things repeat three times… Happy Ending! Happy Ending! Happy Ending!